“What is it you want and what are you doing to get it?”


If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got! Click here to discover change.

The best part about this “In Pursuit of Healing” e-course program is that you don’t have to figure anything out on your own. You simply follow the programs by listening to the MP3's. The most amazing part is you heal while you sleep!

Is life stressing you out? Before going any further, you have the opportunity to try a bedtime healing MP3 for FREE! Scroll to the bottom of this page to instantly download the "Survive Stress" bedtime hypnosis/meditation.

You are obviously searching for something in your life because you found this website. Are you willing to take a leap of faith and try something totally new? Say YES today because life can be extraordinary on the other side of despair!

Listen or read the material, anytime, anywhere and it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee! This program heals from within ... happiness is an inside job!


“Why invest in the ‘In Pursuit of Healing’ e-course program?”

Good question! Here’s why

  • Almost everyone wants to be happy
  • People just like you chase after material or physical desires because they think it will make them happy. It is always a short-term fix, the gratification never lasts long
  • Money will not make you happy, although it helps ease stress
  • Possessions will not make you happy, although it can help make life fun

The truth is happiness is an inside job, you must first heal the pain lingering deep within.


You may be thinking you do not have any pain lingering deep within and that may or may not be true. If you are skeptical you can stop reading now, but if you have an open mind why not ask yourself a few questions

  • What do you really want in life? Why don’t you have it?
  • What makes you stressed and anxious? How can you calm yourself?
  • What keeps you awake when you want to sleep? How can you fix that?
  • What can you do to bring more money into your life? Why aren’t you doing that?
  • What is the solution for all of the above? Make a decision to begin healing today!

“In Pursuit of Healing” e-course program naturally partners with “In Pursuit of Happiness” because healing yourself is an inside job and happiness births from within!

Invest into these tools, be persistent in following the steps, and you will find a whole new world opening up to you. The majority of the programs are simply listening to the MP3’s


Morning Meditations

Daytime Affirmations

Bedtime Hypnosis


Can it get any easier than healing while you sleep?

When you correctly apply this unique, one-of-a-kind healing program your life will begin to manifest your desires. You can live your life your way!

“In Pursuit of Healing” e-courses are totally flexible containing 3 levels:

  • Level 1 – Healing
  • Level 2 – Expanding
  • Level 3 - Creating

Once a week, you will receive an email containing a new healing subject (click here for descriptions):

  • A downloadable lesson in PDF format
  • A downloadable lesson in MP3 to listen to the lesson
  • A downloadable morning meditation in MP3 format
  • A downloadable daytime affirmation in MP3 format
  • A downloadable bedtime hypnosis/meditation in MP3 format

You will also receive an e-book “For Earth’s Sake – Go Green Home Reference Guide” absolutely FREE. It contains lots of money saving tips that are economical and eco-friendly, utilizing just 4 natural ingredients, to create a toxic free life for pennies a day.

At this point you might be feeling a great deal of doubt. It is absolutely normal to want to remain safe in your comfort zone. Fear of the unknown can stop you from taking action and moving forward.

  • What is there to be afraid of? A better life?
  • There is a lesson to help with your fear in the e-course program!
  • Do you want to stay stuck in life or do you want to take a guaranteed chance?
  • You have absolutely nothing to lose with the 7-day money back guarantee!

These 5-week/3-level e-courses were appraised by a few professional associates suggesting a price of $599 each level. I contemplated $397 but it’s important to keep the price affordable for people like you searching for some guidance into a better lifestyle.

For a limited time, the cost of the e-courses are based on a honor system to fit your financial budget. You pay only what you can afford! Can you imagine having the opportunity to heal your past emotional baggage, expand into a new positive attitude, become self-confident, and then set your sights on creating a whole new life?Click here to register.

And remember … a great deal of your healing takes place while you are sleeping. The sooner you commit yourself to this powerful healing system, the sooner you will find happiness from the inside out. Say YES today!

The “In Pursuit of Healing” system works, give yourself this opportunity of healing and you too can be on your way to a happier, healthier you.


Kathryn Lee-Ryder,

Certified Life Coach/NLP Practitioner/Certified Hypnotist/Law of Attraction Practitioner/Ho'oponopono Practitioner


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