I am a woman that created the mantra "If it is to be, it is up to me!"

Once living a miserable existence and after decades of suffering, I hit rock bottom with two choices:

  • Remain in my misery because I knew it as my comfort zone
  • Leap into the unknown with nothing more than faith and hope for a new life

Fortunately, I was intelligent enough to recognize I was standing at a fork in the road. Although I was overwhelmed with emotional turmoil, something deep inside me sparked a tiny light of hope. It was at that moment I felt a strong surge of strength, bubbling up like a volcano, urging me to make a decision about the future direction of my life.



In the summer of the year 2000, I summoned the courage to walk out of a 23-year dysfunctional abusive marriage, taking my 2 children with me.

For the next 5 years we lived in a hurricane of sorts. Sometimes we found mini-reprieves in the eye of the storm, while other times flailing uncontrollably in the vicious, powerful winds created by my ex-husband and his controlling, abusive, manipulative tactics. Honestly, there were times I wondered if I would ever find my way into a better life, but I did!

Looking back now, I can clearly see how my anguish created a downward spiral resonating out into all areas of my life. To make matters worse, I unintentionally plummeted into financial poverty. In an effort to remain safe, I adopted a groundhog lifestyle to isolate myself from all the chaos.


I wanted a happy, successful life but circumstances seemed to continually knock me down. Faith and hope continued to burn like a candle deep within. Regardless of the heartache, the disappointments or the knock downs, I never let go of my dream. When I got knocked down, I got right back up!

The more I was dragged through the mud, the more determined I became … giving up was never an option. Lacking finances for any chance of counselling or healing, I truly believed “where there is a will, there is a way”. I steadfastly researched and applied personal growth healing tactics. Step by step, stride by stride, I persevered until dreams were finally fulfilled.


I am extremely pleased to announce I have grown into a happy, healthy, emotionally strong woman living a life full of love, harmony and joy. Not only did I heal from the trauma of the chaos, I managed to climb out of poverty into financial success. It seemed like it took a long time because I was doing it all by myself, but I finally found my way!

During my days of struggle, I clearly remember being mesmerized by the movie “The Secret”. It took the world by storm by introducing the “Law of Attraction” and there was a repeated theme … FOLLOW YOUR PASSION … oh, I knew my passion, that burning desire within … reaching out to help people like you!

The trials and tribulations of my life left me with a colossal ability of how to heal emotional wounds, plus how to rise from poverty into an abundant life. How many people could benefit from such teachings? Individuals from all walks of life are always chasing the “happy” state. Poverty stricken people often feel trapped not knowing how to possibly change circumstances for the better. The thought of reaching out to teach people the “how to” of what I discovered created tingles down my spine. The “In Pursuit of Healing” program was born!

However, in this skeptical world, what is a teacher without qualifications? Facing yet another hurdle, I pushed beyond my limits and successfully gained the following credentials:

The “In Pursuit of Healing” system works, give me 1 hour of your time per week and you too can be on your way to a happier, healthier you!


Kathryn Lee-Ryder,

Certified Life Coach/NLP Practitioner/Hypnotist/Law of Attraction Practitioner