I am a woman that created the mantra "If it is to be, it is up to me!"

Once living a miserable existence and after decades of suffering, I hit rock bottom with two choices:

  • Listen to my unhealthy fears, remain in my misery for the sheer fact it was my comfort zone
  • Face my unhealthy fear, take a leap of faith into the unknown and find a way to create a new life

Fortunately, I was intelligent enough to recognize I was standing at a fork in the road. Although I was overwhelmed with fear and emotional turmoil, something deep inside me sparked a tiny light of hope. It was at that moment I felt a strong surge of strength, bubbling up like a volcano, urging me to make a bold decision about the future direction of my life.



In the summer of the year 2000, I summoned the courage to walk out of a 23-year dysfunctional abusive marriage, taking my 2 children with me.

For the next 5 years we lived in a hurricane of sorts. The consistent whirlwind of emotion soon led me to the practice of “letting go” which helped me learn the art of “going with the flow”; definitely not an easy transition. Personal healing quests often demand acknowledging the truth, no matter how ugly.

Accepting responsibility for your life can be a chaotic journey, but one worth travelling. Fortunately this was not a journey I travelled completely alone. Several close family members supported me, various energy healers worked with me and several spiritual mentors guided me.


During times of despair, I concentrated on my intention to live a life of love, harmony and joy. Without the financial means to attend counselors, professional personal growth seminars or workshops, I literally spent hundreds of hours researching methods of self-improvement. My prime focus was learning to stand strong in my own personal power - mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Armed with the proper knowledge, I began creating my own tools for healing and survival. I wrote my own meditations focusing on my needs and desires. I created my own positive, life changing affirmations based on my dreams and wishes for a better life. Using my imagination, I began recording the affirmations and listening to them morning, afternoon and evenings.


What I discovered was magical - my life began to change. I was actually creating the life of my dreams, one step at a time; one day at a time. And of course, as my life changed, my desires changed; this is only natural.

Then suddenly, the movie “The Secret” took the world by storm. It introduced the “Law of Attraction” and for me, it put a name to what I had already discovered happening in my life.

My life seemed like a continuous adventure of gaining new knowledge, a journey I was truly enjoying. My heart began a yearning to reach out and help other people learn how to change their life!

However, in this skeptical world, what is a teacher without qualifications? I had no certifiable credentials other than real life experience. Using my own recipe for creating the life I wanted, again I set my intentions and goals to conquer the following credentials:

You too can create and change your life. Click here for a free PDF download teaching you how create your own intentions and affirmations. Alternatively, click here to learn more about my healing MP3’s using affirmations in guided meditations and bedtime hypnosis. You too can change your life forever!


Kathryn Lee-Ryder,

Certified Life Coach/NLP Practitioner/Hypnotist/Law of Attraction Practitioner